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JOHOC Accelerator Program  

JOHOC Startup Accelerator Program is open for all European startups. Your company only need to be registered within EU or EES region. 

Funding, Sales, Marketing, Networking and advisory in one Program

JOHOC Accelerator Program for Startups and scaleups

JOHOC Accelerator Program is turning to European startups and Scaleups with global potential. Where JOHOC will support the companies not only with funding but also by connecting you to our sales and partner network where we will be able to support you expansion and maximax your full market potential. 

The Program is selecting between 5-10 companies with the best potential that will get funding and expansion support from JOHOC and its partners. 

You will be part of an inspiring group of companies with the same goal of internationalization. Where you will benefit from working together and the use of JOHOC:s network of expertise and competence from scaling up, sales, investments, IPO:s etc 

Funding, Sales, Marketing, Networking and Competence in one Accelerator Program

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