JOHOC Innovation Partner Network 

New technical solutions are popping up quicker than ever, and everywhere. To keep up and be up-to date are difficult and challenging, but are also crucial if you are to be competitive and attractive as a business.

So this is what we want to support our partner with, to secure that you are always informed about the latest market and technical trends in your business segment.

So join our Partner groups and be enlighten and always updated and informed on the latest from the international market. 


We provide insights and trends from the market. Inspiration on what you could do. With support from our experts we cross feed different segments and industries. To challenge both markets and tech companies. On what you could do. 


 Sharing information from different industries. Sharing technologies and solutions that could inspire to change and improvements. Getting insights from experts and business colleagues in Europe and North America


Introduction and connecting you with the latest technology, supporting you in getting the right information and insights from companies so that you only meet companies that meet you expectations, values and business requirements. We support from finding too providing and setting up meetings and collaborations. 


Based on your requirements we will search the market and share information on who and which startups or tech company that fits your requirements and needs. Use us to benchmark your on findings to make sure that you are working with the most suitable solution and partner.


Get insights and knowledge from companies around in Europe on best practice and experiences from their innovation projects. Network and build your companies and your personal brand on the market to become more efficient and successful when implementing new solutions and technologies. Innovation managers, CEO:s, CFO:s, CTO/CIO:s etc are all part of our network.

Promotion & Marketing

Promote and share your companies values, challenges and future goals with the market to attract and connect talent, startups and partners. This to secure that startups and the right partners comes to you with solutions based on your future goals. 

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