Dropbar joins JOHOC 


JOHOC is happy to share that Dropbar have decided to work with JOHOC to support them on their expansion road and internationalization. 

All-in-one Solution for Promotional Marketing

Develop and create versatile, multi-featured, and personalised promotions for your business like a pro through user-friendly and cost-saving campaign builders in just minutes.

Core Features


Increase customer engagement and make your products more accessible without devaluing your business by crafting coupons with professional efficiency. Dropbar, through its powerful flow and promotion builder, empowers the flexibility of coupon creation and removes limitations that potentially hinder businesses from increasing the value of their promotions. Tailor-make your coupons according to user data available to you and have complete control over coupon redemption by using filters that will funnel your valuable promotions towards your company's targeted demographics. Create engaging coupons and produce strategies in just the span of just minutes.


Reward loyal customers through Referral Programs crafted with customized and optimal benefits to set up an effective way to give your business maximum ROI. Give life to any form of incentive like point systems, currencies, or membership benefits that will help and reward advocates who refer efficiently. Through expertly crafted referral incentives made possible and easy by the Dropbar tools, you and your company can make ambassadors out of your associates, employees, affiliates, and influencers.


Loyalty programs increase customer brand loyalty and encourage clients to keep coming back to support your business. By establishing exciting and unique rewards for dedicated patrons, you are given the chance to not only stand out from competitors but also keep customer engagement high and increase the lifetime value of your customers.


Reap the full benefit of having a powerful promotion engine that you can easily integrate into all of your existing platforms for maximum coverage. Be in charge and customize your promotions however you like using the wide array of data and resources available in the Dropbar system to effectively reach and engage a targeted market. Through a single and accessible user interface, you can address customer needs while cutting costs drastically by analyzing customer interaction with your products and building the promotion that best suits client demands.