New Partner - Salesbox CRM


We are happy to announced the collaboration between JOHOC and Salesbox. The leading CRM system for Small and midsize companies. 

JOHOC with its sales team and market network will support Salesbox European expansion. "Salesbox and their CRM System gives SME:s the possibility to access functionality that normally only where available for large companies. With their focus on small and midsize companies and their requirements makes their solution exceptional. The combination of functionality and price really stands out from the rest. We at JOHOC are happy to support their European expansion through our sales team, network and markets." says Johan Danielsson CEO of JOHOC

For more information about Salesbox send email to:

Salesbox - The markets best CRM for SME - Get a CRM that fits your business. Salesbox CMR for SME comes pre-packeged with industry templates, offering your industry-specific categories, processes and product lists - out of the box. Get going faster with Salesbox CRM industry templates. You can, of course quickly customize Salesbox CRM to fit any business or industry with our self-assembly customization.

Use campaign code: JOHOC2021 and get 10 percent of the first 12 months.