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Lover your developer team !

Advanced predictive matching algorithms that connect your business with qualified & vetted developers
so you can build a team in 24 hours or less.


With Basil 365 you get a unique opportunity to create a professional guest experience where the smart, mobile and automated platform gives you exactly the tools you need


Enables you to take a data-driven business approach to talent attraction so you can increase productivity, recruitment success and return-on-investment

Hamic Smart Software Solutions

Banking and finance solutions


RPA - with focus on business potential with the latest technology within intelligence


Otmore secure assets! We make sure that you have protection before launching a new brand or product

Boards on Fire

The express ticket to digitized and effective Lean production. Visualize goals, KPIs and continuous improvement with full traceability. Increase quality, results and commitment.


Lower your water consumption with around 20 per cent by delivering awareness


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