We are a business accelerator that turns your potential into reality. Providing a team of Business Developers and market experts backed by an international network of experts and customers we will accelerate your business in Europe and North America 

As a partner with presence and connections around in Europe, JOHOC works close with its portfolio companies to scale them up by providing market access, customers, business support,  guidance and connections through its team and international network. 


JOHOC will work together with you to provide insights, connections and support, in order for you to accelerate your business. We are present in most of the larger cities and markets in Europe and North America. Where our team of experts will work hand-in-hand with your to succeed our common expansion goal and targets. Since business is local and based on relationships, our team know their market and have the right insights and connections in ordet to scale up your business in an efficient and sustainable way for the future.


Working with both startups and scaleups, we will connect and introduce the right company based on your requirements and needs. The good relationship between companies are crucial and necessary in order to be successful. We constantly have a number of tech/startups that we are working with. They are searching for the right market fit and customer project. So if you are a tech/startup and need help, lets us know, as well if you are in search of new innovative solutions, contact us and we will consult you and guide you.