For Startups & Scaleups

JOHOC will work together with you to provide insights, connections and support, in order for you to accelerate your business. We are present in most of the larger cities and markets in Europe and North America. Where our team of experts will work hand-in-hand with your to succeed our common expansion goal and targets. Since business is local and based on relationships, our team know their market and have the right insights and connections in ordet to scale up your business in an efficient and sustainable way for the future

Business Acceleration

We support your expansion through our sales team and sales network in Western Europe and North America. With support from our networks of corporates and sales team we will make your scaling up fast and efficient.  


With support from our network of experienced entrepreneurs and market experts, we provide guidance and support to your business. So that your business will be successful and ready to scale up and grow internationally. 

Business Network 

Connections is everything, so our network of partners will support your expansion and speed up your acceleration. We have connected: recruiters, lawyers, software developers, designers, governments, incubators, tech-hubs, VC:s etc 


We run a international network of Business Angels, VC:s and family offices with experience from investing in tech startups and scale-ups. 

Let us support your expansion