Celerative - remote experts


Presenting Celerative one of those companies that during this Covid-19 time are growing fast since they are delivering 

1. Could you please describe shortly your solution?
We connect Remote Devs with companies, tracking their performance in real-time.
2. Which problem or challenge did you want to solve with your solution?
Companies usually turn to software agencies in terms of assembling tech teams.
But Agencies have problems:
1) Transparency (Trust)
2) Scalability (Talent)
3) Inefficiencies (Indirect Costs, Scale Economy)
So, Projects execution fails
3. Which are the major benefits and features your users will gain with your solution?
Speed. 90% faster than average time to hire.Experience working remotely.
4. What will be your next step in your development? New features etc
We are launching new products related to our talent pool, contractors management, payroll.