Co-Founder & Country Manager - Germany


Meeting startups and corporates and listning to their ideas/challenges and then supporting them to find their next customer or partner is what makes us go up in the morning and we just love when the right fit and match appears.

Country Manager - with selling skills

We are searching for someone that wants to set up and drive our first office in Germany. That will work to grow the network of people and companies. That will build on the existing platform and collaborate with our existing markets.

The job is in Germany, but will include working together with our partners all around Europe and supporting them coming to Germany as well supporting German companies expansion to other European countries.

The job will involve

  • Building the network of local salespeople

  • Building the local partner company network

  • Building a local sales Ambassador network

  • Introducing and selling partners solutions on the market

  • Meeting with startups and introducing them to the network and customers

  • Guiding and supporting partners expansion in Europe

  • Working with local investors to introduce interesting startups


  • Full responsible for the creation and establishment of the new office and network.

  • Expanding the business and making sure that targets and goals are meet

This will be JOHOC:s first office in Germany, which will mean that you will be involved in shaping and creating something new and be prepared to be very hands-on in order to get things in place and done.

We within JOHOC will support as much as possible and we are a team that support and work together.

For more information or questions please contact us at or phone number +46 73 336 95 66