Boards on Fire - Digitize lean production


An intervjue with Filip Lendahls CCO at Boards on Fire

I first meet Boards on Fire last November when I was visiting Växjö and Företagsfabriken to do a short presentation of the European market and its potentials. Their solution stroke me at once at something unique with huge potential. Since then covid-19 has arrived and totally change the world and our working behavior, not just for now, but also an impact on the future. A new and modern way where with less fysical meetings and more flexible workplaces. To this new world Boards on Fire fits even better the required need of a modern company.

In order to present Boards on Fire in the right way I asked Filip Lendahls their CCO a couple of question in ordet to describe their solution and future as a company.

Could you please describe shortly your solution?

Boards on Fire is the number one cloud service to digitize Lean production with boards for daily management, continuous improvements and KPI monitoring.

Which problem or challenge did you want to solve with your solution?

We wanted to help our customers get past the limitations of analog handwritten whiteboards and printouts by giving them a digital solution that utilizes their data thousand times better.

Which are the major benefits and features your users will gain with your solution?

Boards on Fire helps you visualize all data in a clean and easy to use interface. On big screen, PC or smartphone. Streamline your meetings by preparing digitally in advance. Attend remotely or on site. Share updated information with all employees in real time. And get full traceability on all KPIs and activities.

What will be your next step in your development? New features etc

We continuously develop and add new features to Boards on Fire to meet the needs of our customers. Since Boards on Fire is a cloud based SaaS-solution our customers always have full access to the latest version, no updates needed.

Can you share any success stories from your customers?


Beds by Scapa, one of the largest bed manufacturers in the Nordic countries, is carrying out extensive improvement work where digitalisation is an important part of their vision for 2025. One of their major challenges has been finding digital tools that seriously streamline their Lean processes and increase staff participation and commitment.


During the fall of 2019, Beds by Scapa took two major steps along the way. First, they digitized their morning meetings and their daily management with digital boards from Boards on Fire. There, they receive an updated current situation of, among other things, staffing, improvement activities and important KPIs for order intake, production and deliveries. Step two became digital screens in the factory to visualize various key figures and how the week's production goals are met for all employees.


- With the help of Boards on Fire, we have halved our morning meetings in time by allowing participants to prepare their data digitally in advance. Quality assurance has improved through clearer visualization, smoother information sharing and simplified follow-up. In addition, staff participation and transparency have increased significantly by allowing all relevant data to be clearly visualized in real time on the screens in production, says CEO Martin Starkman.