Meet Faustino Cuadrado, from App&Town


Their innovative intelligent guidance system allows people with mild or moderate cognitive disabilities to kids or elderly to travel autonomously in public transport, continuously monitored and in a secure manner. App&Towns solution is evidence of how innovation boosts social inclusion of people with special needs and support. This new technology is a daily tool which enhance not only the mobility and self-esteem of the end users, but also the quality of life of them and their families. The solution includes functionality like, Real time tracking, Customized routes, Continuous fault monitoring and Help button, as well as audio instructions and text and images guidance. Hope that more countries, regions and municipals, as well as parents will learn about your solution and start using your application

App&Towns Compagnon really fulfills the SmartCity concept of using technology to improve the quality of life of citizens, and making the society a place where all people enjoy the same opportunities