Increase your customer service with Kycus


By Combining All Parts Of Communication To Your Customers Kycus Have Created A Tool That Gives You A 360 Degree, Full Overview Of All Communication With You Customers, Through One Tool. This Solution Does Not Only Makes It Easy For The Customer Service Agent, It Will Also Increase The Value For Your Customers In Their Communication With You. 

Kycus manages all communications for Contact Centers from a single cloud platform integration on the web and in social networks, video calls, chat an VoIP calls. That is a real omnichannel. Even including Scorecard for the optimization of the agent management. The functionality of video call will not only save time for your customers, it will save time for you. According to a study made by Deloitte, contacts centers are evolving technologically towards an improvement fo the customers experience. Where 31 percent of them are committed to including video calls in their services in the near future. But using the camera your agents will be able to solve smaller issues quicker and faster, and not to mention more environmental friendly. Since you don't need to send a person to fix things that could be solved directly through a video call. So if you are not ready contact us and we will demonstrate how Kycus can improve your customers experience. 

Short Description Of Some Of The Features In The Solution

Online chatt Talk to your customers in real time while they visit your website. Interact with them, solve doubts or problems and show them your advantages onlin KYCUS chat will be displayed in a corner of the web in a totally personalized and clean way. 

Video call Because a picture is worth a thousand words! Have video conversations with your customers through our custom rooms. KYCUS video calls enhance trust and allows you to interact naturally with your customers 

Voice IP Allow your customers to contact you easily in a flexible and personalized way using our 'Click to call' service. Or let them indicate you when it is the best time for you to contact them using our 'Call me back' feature. You can also have your own call center and make and receive calls with a unique number. Adapt your customer service with KYCUS and generate sales and positive reviews. 

Email Customer communications in most cases are omnichannel: Calls, emails, even a video call. Not having a tool that encompasses all the elements makes us waste time and money. With KYCUS, manage all your email accounts easily and keep your customers happy and informed at all times. 

Social Manager Social media has invaded our lives and our way of communicating. Our customers use them for everything, managing them separately is not an option. In KYCUS you will be able to manage publications, have conversations, monitor the opinion that your customers have and be alert of any news. 

Agent manager KYCUS is a scalable platform designed for all types of businesses. If your company has a contact center or a sales team, you can manage each user, its accesses and functions, in an easy way. 

  Dashboard KYCUS is powerful, omnichannel, and versatile, but above all it is simple and customized. Control all results and operations from the dashboard. Monitor each service and agent with KYCUS dashboard. 

If you want to ge a demo and in more dept presentation of Kycus and their solution please drop an email to