JOHOC meet with Ulf Jensen CEO at Ortelius


We have meet up with Ulf Jensen, CEO of Ortelius a Swedish company with an amazing solution that helps a large number of Swedish multinational companies become more competitive by using their Information Modeling technology

Q:Could you please give us a short introduction to your company 

Ortelius was founded early 2000 and today we are about 25 digital innovation specialists with headquarters in Malmö and satellite offices in Gothenburg and Boston.

In the group we also have inorigo AB who is a spin-off from Ortelius into a software developer of the inorigo® Metagraph platform, the world's first Metagraph platform, supporting advanced knowledge automation.

Q:Can you shortly describe the story behind the company

We started off as Enterprise Architects responsible for the requirement process in large PLM/ERP implementations programs for companies like Telia, Sony Ericsson, Region Skåne and Tetra Pak, but soon added other improvement initiatives all around in the business since our methodology was function and process agnostic. The insights we made was that no company or organization we worked for had a good way to utilize knowledge, information and data, since they lacked a coordinated, digitized way to structure and share it in the organization. Early 2004 we started developing a tool to help us consultants do a better job capturing and structuring knowledge, information and data, and it evolved into the world's first Metagraph platform called inorigo®, used today by a number of multinational brands. Today we use inorigo® to increase speed of digital innovation in complex organizations, doing advanced knowledge automations and lately we have carved out inorigo® into its own company inorigo AB.

Q: How would you describe the companies services and the value it adds to the market

Ortelius AB offers a unique capability in improvement assignments utilizing information modelling techniques to model out a complex opportunity or problem. This minimize the time from an idea to a digital solution due to the transparent rapid prototyping capabilities we perform together with the stakeholders. Ortelius methodology helps an organization to take care of much more challenging and rewarding problems because we can dry-run a solution many times before we have to get in the water.

inorigo AB offers a unique capability to capture reality into the inorigo® metagraph database platform and become the back-bone for a sustainable digital ecosystem for an entire enterprise. Utilizing inorigo® means you can become a foresight and data driven organization. Utilizing inorigo® means you will have the ability to adapt to a continuously changing reality faster, cheaper and more precise.

Q: How does the company differentiate itself from competitors in the industry?

It is Ortelius combination of methodology and utilizing an unique technology to solve the difficult and complex digital challenges the organizations often has hidden in their drawers. We just don't deliver a digital solution, we deliver a digital solution on a expandable and reusable data platform. This mean we can increase speed in digital innovation in the organization to a very low cost.

Q: Can you share some success stories that you are particular proud of

We have implemented +1000 solutions and two in particular we think show the true potential.

a. The Package Master is a digital solution where product owners, specialists, sustainability managers, products developers have one place where they can capture and govern their entire product portfolio. It's everything from filling machines to packaging material where different stakeholders also can simulate and take actionable decisions about the impact on environment, their factory set-up, planning etc.

b. The Taxonomy Master is a digital solution where R&D directors, product owners, patent specialists, marketing , sales, IT are stakeholders in one common platform how to capture and govern product & service offerings in the entire company. The Taxonomy Master also export information to over 20 consuming systems like on-line sales, financial systems, PLM systems. This means a trustworthy data source to utilize since it's govern by business stakeholders who have the best in-depth knowledge how things are related today and best can imagine how it will be in the future. This creates next to zero integration costs and also increase speed of digital innovation needed in the business to a next to zero application development cost.

Q: Can you describe the company's target market or ideal customer?

a. Target market: Ortelius methodology and the inorigo® technology is market agnostic. The true nature of the way of working is to be able to capture any industries, companies, markets knowledge, information and data into one common structure. That is how a customer to Ortelius can be truly data driven, agile and future ready.

b. Ideal customer: A customer who dares to go outside the recommendations of their ordinary advisors, to seek for advice and hands-on technology, how to increase speed of digital innovation, costing a fraction of what they are used to.

Q: What are the company's short-term and long-term goals?

a. Short term goals: To increase footprint with our methodology and technology in the Scandinavian market, also utilizing strategic partnerships with expert advisors who have easy access to top management and decision makers. Also trying to take on medium size clients and not only the TOP50 companies.

b. Long term goals: To increase footprint first in Europe through local advisors who knows the market and the customers well and then approach the US market in a similar way

Q: How could a potential client come in contact with you to understand more about your solution? and

Mail to for more information and be introduced to Ulf and his team