New Partner - Lexical Labs


Legaltech is one of the most interesting areas at the moment with London (UK) as the leader in Europe. So its with great pleasure that JOHOC have become legaltech company Lexical Labs partner to support their European expansion. Lexical Labs offers a solution that not only increase the efficiency for legal teams but also increase the efficiency for sourcing/procurement departments and sales teams. Lexical labs solution will help organisations do more and smarter deals faster, with higher quality and lower risk.

"A tool that I wish that we have had when I worked at sourcing, to increase the quality, control and speed when we were doing negotiations. We would have been able to do more deals with fewer people at a higher quality." says Johan Danielsson CEO at JOHOC

For more information or to book a one-on-one introduction meeting with Lexical Labs call +46 73 336 95 66 or send an email to:

Lexical Labs - Your virtual in-house contract lawyer. Simplifying contract negotiations with intelligent review software. A powerful AI driven contract analysis engine reads your contract. Smart UI guides you trough the review process. Analyse contracts in seconds. Respond in minutes. Leave routine contracts to business teams. Free your legal team to focus on high value work. Everyone work in the same playbook. 

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