Lexical labs - your virtual in-house contract lawyer. A solution that simplifies your contract negotiation with intelligent review software. That's how they describe themselves, but in order to understand more about Lexical Labs and the people behind the company we have meet-up with Simon Black Chief Commercial Officer of Lexical Labs.

Legaltech is one of the most interesting areas at the moment with London (UK) as the leader in Europe. So its with great pleasure that JOHOC have become legaltech company Lexical Labs partner to support their European expansion. Lexical Labs offers a solution that not only increase the efficiency for legal teams but also increase the efficiency for...

We are happy to announced the collaboration between JOHOC and Salesbox. The leading CRM system for Small and midsize companies.

Contingit's goal is to enable the automation of your processes. Many people read about robots and AI (Artificial Intelligence) but may not know how it works in practice. Contingit help you to get started with digitizing your processes, using Robot Process Automation.

JOHOC is happy to share that Dropbar have decided to work with JOHOC to support them on their expansion road and internationalization.

We are super excited to announce that the Johoc team is growing. The Swedish and Danish markets are now officially open, and our Global Head of Investments is onboard.

There are numbers of challenges that we need to handle as a result of the new working environment following the Corona Virus. The future will, for many companies, be determined by how successful they cope with the new normal, which we do not know what it will look like - yet. However, JOHOC does see some clear indicators and the...

Presenting Celerative one of those companies that during this Covid-19 time are growing fast since they are delivering

Celerative helps you build your remote development team within 24 hours or less. By providing their talent pool of experts ready for your need. Outsourcing reimagined Get the quality and transparency of an in-house team, combined with the convenience and cost of an outsourced agency. Have your cake and eat it too! Scale your team on demand...